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About Us

ZiniExpress is a leading logistics network in India that is driven by modern technology. We have a team of innovative data engineers and technicians acting as the think tank of our dynamic work-force. We are contributing much towards transforming the logistics sector by breaking the ground rules developing new ones with the help of advanced technology solutions. We understand the needs of a reasonably big freight marketplace in India and cater to all industrial needs by predicting the duration of various consignments apart from launching a flexible pricing engine. Every member of our team strives to identify and resolve the remote issues affecting different logistics models that seem arithmetically complex.

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How We Maintain A Huge Clientele?

We serve our clients with the most affordable market rates to avail swift truck supply. You are always just a click away from adding your loading requirements through our website. All fleet organizers and shipping arrangers have chosen us for maximizing their performance by optimizing their fleet. Our transparent and digitalized freight ecosystem has helped us maintain a positive image as we strive to empower all our clients.

How We Developed Our Network PAN India?

We’re setting a new milestone for our competitors and aiming high towards expanding our logistics partner network PAN India. Our simple automated operations, high-efficiency levels, and precision have helped us in redefining logistics and shaping the trucking industry of India.

Making the Most of Cutting Edge Technology

We are generating real-time insights for our clients and helping them make informed decisions under all circumstances. Our primary objective is to shape the future with our visualization tools, data process tools, and acquisition protocol. We have launched an advanced series of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Next Generation Technologies. We are aiming high for accommodating a few world-class systems in our neighborhood for gaining a marginal edge in terms of efficiency, quality, and security.

Our Objective

We at Ziniexpress strive to help India lead other logistics nations from the front. We have the capability and commitment to establish a more cost-effective and safer logistics environment across the length and breadth of India. ZiniExpress wants India to reign supreme within the logistics sector. We have already succeeded in building trust with efficient sorting, pick-up, and delivery services all over. Large enterprises, as well as small businesses, are signing up with our services as we are growing with each passing year. Modern infrastructure, technological capacity, and a dynamic business network have helped us in leaving a mark within the logistics industry of India. Our secure website, unparalleled efficiency, and cost-effectiveness boost our digital emergence in 2019.